Kinematically Coupled Bernoulli Gripper

For one of the hardware deliverables for course 2.77 - FUNdaMENTALS of Precision Machine Design, we were required to design, build, and test a kinematic coupling. I had this idea for a pick-and-place robot that could theoretically test the payload on-the-go (PCBs, Wafers e.t.c). I decided to design the gripper for this mechanism, which uses the Bernoulli Effect to lift the payload (a good video of the effect), combined with a kinematic coupling to facilitate repeatable testing. The compressed air would provide suction to preload the coupling while also providing an easy means to engage and disengage the payload.

The design provided 5±3 um of repeatability and provided a payload capacity that was within 30% of the predicted value (18% measurement uncertainty). The analytical model, as well as a summary of the design and testing can be found in the files below.


  • Concept Development
  • Sketch Modelling
  • Design and Manufacturing
  • Testing

Summary Design and Testing Spreadsheets Manufacturing Drawings