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For MIT course 2.810, we were tasked with designing and fabricating seven identical remote-controlled vehicles for a race. The project tested our ability to design for ease of manufacturing and assembly. During the race, each member of the team was required to drive a lap before returning to the pit-stop where a single control box- which housed power, control, and transmission electronics - was swapped from one car to another.

Our team placed second in the race. Our vehicle featured independent suspension at each wheel to conquer the bumpy race track, a quick positioning and locking device for speedy pit-stops, and flexural suspension elements to reduce the part-count.


  • CAD
  • Suspension Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly


  • Craig Cheney
  • Daniel Dorsch
  • Michael Farid
  • Jaya Narain
  • Pulkit Shamshery
  • Michael Zerfas

See Final Report